Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping list

So i had to fill out a survey of what i spend my money on, and i thought it was interesting so ill share a version with you all

100 pounds of corn 500 lempiras 25 dollars, for eating tortillas and food for the horse, they are only 300 during corn season, what a bargain!!!!!

radio 300 lempiras 15 dollars to LISTEN to the world cup in spanish while im in the mountains
ice creams 300 lempiras 15 dollars, i think i get at least one sometimes 3 everytime i go to catacamas

Rubber boots 120 lempiras 6 dollars, i walked my last pair to the ground, they had no tread and a few wholes, i spent a whole month looking for white ones to be stylish but had no such luck

Haircut 100 lempiras 5 dollars, i got five stars shaved in my head for the world cup, wasnt worth the money nor the head ache i had for the next two days

30 pounds of sugar, who knows the price i am just told to buy them every time i go to catacamas

Those are some of the more exciting buys everything else is pretty standard like bug repellent, candles, and pancake mix

Monday, June 28, 2010

A ¨tipical¨ Sunday

So i woke up lat this sunday 6am. Immediatley i tried to contact my friends up the mountain to see if we were going to construct the roof if the school today because yesterday it rained too much. To my dismay we were only going to work on tuesday, si dios queire, if god wants it to be but thats how life works out here. So i proceeded to do some morning errands like giving my horse a hair cut. Normally i go to peluqueria rodriguez, one of my friends, but i decided i have to learn. After cutting almost the whole mane off i decided it was enough. I then learned how to lassou. Luckily there was an abundance of little kids to practice on. So for hours i was wrangling up kids. Then the soccer games came on, so i turned on the radio and listend to the goooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllls, unfortunately i have been listening to all the games instead of watching them on tv. I then helped my friend construct a room, which included hauling sand, mixing cement, nailing wood, breaking giant rocks and filling the mold we created. After that i continued to work on the wood table i am constructing. After a delicious lunch of beans rice and tortillas, i decided to take a nap. An hour later came arts and crafts time, making bracelets out of chip bags, a skill i taught myself and am trying to teach teachers and students to apply instead of throwing chip bags on the side of the trail. Later that night I studied with the family different animals, trying to mesmorize the scientific names, which i always confuse. By 7:30 was tucked up tight in bed. This is mas o menos, more or less, a typical Sunday. Its like being on summer camp!!

As for everything else, life is good. Work has been going well, ive been really busy! ive been working a lot in the schools, planting gardens and teaching mostly about environmental issues. I also have been conducting a survey of every house in the protected area, which entails walking 2 hours just to find a single house, but its been fun meeting a ton of people and getting to know all the small towns. We also are working hard on constructing a school and the roof is almost up!!!!
My family also came to visit not too long ago, which was amazing. We lived the large life, going out to the most expensive restuarant in Catacamas for a $6 meal. It was great seeing them!!!

Thanks for reading and ill try and update this a little more frequently

Monday, January 25, 2010

I´m a Cowboy, well sort of

So living in the wild wild east of Honduras I have become somewhat of a cowboy. I walk around with a cowboy hat, flannel shirts, machete, and rubber boots almost everyday. Unfortunately i just shaved the mustache i had been sporting for the past 6 months, it was pretty bad. I have on ocassion been confused for a local, although it was from a distance. I also bought a horse, he cost about $75 but all the thousands of ticks and fleas came for free, what a deal! Hes a great horse, he only runs away every other day and is a little slow, but hes my baby. My spanish is also improving, well kinda, i have learned country spanish perfecting the high pitch yelps and grunts and mastering the country sign language. Yet, as things change they somehow remain eerily the same. I am working in a commuinity called los angeles. It is a 2 to 3 hour commute depending on traffic and road condition ( the amoiunt of people I run into on the path and talk to and how muddy the path is). I am currently working on a letrine project as well as constructing a school out of compacted dirt. It has been challenging but I am still loving it and having a great time. I have learned a lot and am becoming more and more honduran each day, I only hope that I can teach the people here as much as they have taught me. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I really want these projects to be successful because I care for these people and in the short time I have been here I have made great friendships. But, dont worry I miss and think about all you back home all the time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

long time no post

hey, thanks so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes, it was really great to hear from all of you. i am really missing each and everyone of you. but everything is going really well here. i just moved houses and am now living in the the middle of the forest in a co0mmunity of 8 or 9 houses. it is absolutley beauitful. there is no electricity so i go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5, its a little different but im loving it, there also is not too much cell phone service so if you have called and i have not answered thats why. i have also been working in some communities in the mountains, which are at least 2 hours walking from my house, uphill. i am finally starting to organize projects and i think we will start with a letrine project as well as constructing a school and working to improve farming practices. i really feel like i am starting to fit in here. i am slowly becoming more and more of a cowboy, yet i still havent found a horse. other than that its pretty much same old same old, visiting ´houses holding meetings to organize projects and doing a lot of walking. i am really enjoying myself and feel like i am part of the community. they know how to get to my heart, they are feeding me all the time, and i think i eat an average of 20 tortillas a day haha. for thanksgiving we had a party at other volunteers house in catacamas and it was great seeing all the other volunteers and it felt like i was back home, and the food was unbelievable. now we can visit other volunteers so it will be nice to go see other peoples sites and explore honduras a little. hope all is well and ill try post more often but i have had some trouble getting to the internet as i have been very busy.

o i almost forgot the highlight of my week was catching a snake. it wasnt too big but it was a little posinouis, luckily i didnt get bitten. but when i come back i will be able to have my own snake show on tv. also sorry if the grammar isnt to good, i think i translating from spanish, the other night i even was sleep talking in spanish hahah

Friday, October 16, 2009


We made it to the world cup!!!!! I still cant believe it. We watched the game on a big projected screen but the signal was very weak for the first half. After the game everyone was pretty upset, and then i recieved a call from my dad, which at first i thought was some sort of sick joke and told everyone that the US had tied it up and we were going to the world cup. otherwise everything is going well i am just meeting people going to farms and thinking of new projects to do. i also thought about getting a monkey as a pet but decided it was cruel to the monkey. other than that things are pretty tranquil and i am having a great time. i also found a house that i want to rent for the next two years but ill have to put some work into the house before. hope everyone is doing well

Friday, October 9, 2009

my new home for the next two years.

i finnaly made it! i arrived the 1st of the month in la union, catacamas, olancho. it is a small town of about 100 peopl located about 30 minutes from a town of 30,000, catacamas. the town is very poor and the only real economy is agriculture which is almost more for sustance than profit. but the people are extremely nice and helpful. the town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a national park. there is a national park called the caves of talgua right near my site where the oldest human remains in central america were found. there is a nice american style lodge and guest center in this part. further up there are smaller villages and the farms where most people work. i plan to live in this village whith no electricty bt surrounded by majestic views. my counterpart lives there and he is unbelievable. the other day he caught a snake and in the process got but. he told me the snake was poisonois because his hand was numb but did not make a big deal about it, turns out the snake was very poisonous according to a snake book.
for the next three months i am supposed to get to know the community and think of and plan projects. so right now i am going house to house meetting peopel and have a town hall meeting scheduled for later today, which i am a little nervous for. i have about 10 cups of coffee or soda a day as everyone offers me a cup when i come visit.i have also been playing a lot of soccer, we bet 50 cents eacha nd the winners get their money back as well as, you guessed it a free soda. there was also a small fiesta the other night, which was like a high school dance, but it was a lot of fun.
i have been living witha host family wjo have been great, they arre really jolly and show me around, take me on hikes ¨spear¨fishing and have been feeding me tons of beans rice and of course tortillas.
I plan on doing a number of projects in the community. such as improving agriculture practices, building bridges, school that ¨fell¨down , paths, work on water shed problems, enviro ed, clean up the community and also strat mini businesses like crafts, start a coop and get them certified organically as well as other projects like improves stoves and latrines. i hope to accomplish some of these goals but know it will be a long and hard proccess. i also feart hat some may be hard or impossible to accomplish as they require alot of funding which is hard to come by as well as community participation. i am optomistic and hope that i will be able to realize a few of these projects in the future, yet i know it is almost impossible to do them all.
the last few days have been quite trying as i have left all my friends from training and have been in a new place. yet i am making new friends althought he cultural driffirence have made it hard to completely relate to people and not have people feeling the smae theings i am feeling, like the other volunteers. yet there is another peace corper, juancito close by which is great and we met the other volunteer around the area who all seem really nice. i am very happy and feeling more and more comfortable everyday. i also cant wait for the soccer game tomorrow whcih we plan to watch on a giant projected screen. missing you all but having a great time



Sunday, September 27, 2009


hi, i am in a town called zarabanda now. we were supposed to leave for our sites yesterday but mel zelaya came back and thus there have been curfews the last week where we were not allowed to leave our houses for two days straight. now the curfews are only at night and we are confident that we will be able to go to our sites. my site is in olancho and the town is called la union, it is near these caves where the oldest human remains in central america were found. i will probably working with eco tourism here as well as enviro ed, sustainable farming, and many other projects. mty counter part seems amazing and everyione raves about him. olancho is also supposed to be a rough and tumble place so i am really excited to go. life here is pretty relaxing we ussually just chat play soccer and go on hikes. yet we have had a few parties which were really fun. i also went to a synangoge in teguz for rosh hashana which was fun but there were only a 15 ppl there and the key for the arc arrived a little late, but the ppl there were really nice and it was fun to go to a synagoge. hope you all are doing well, missing you all. i hope you all have a happy and healthy new year